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Rubber fetishism is a variant of sexual fetishism, in which mainly latex clothes and other objects made of rubber serve as fetishes. A market for fashion and accessories made of rubber has developed around rubber fetishism (fashion shows, catalogs, specialty stores, magazines, etc.). The material is worn on bare skin; this creates a feeling of a second skin and of being "enclosed". Latex clothing refers to garments made of natural rubber. Wearing latex clothing has several attractions: Tactile: latex clothing fits snugly against the skin and conforms to the shape of the body. Visual: tight-fitting latex emphasizes the shape of the body. With polished latex, there are additional light reflections that emphasize the shape. Visual stimuli appear especially when latex clothing is not worn by oneself, but by others (also: pictures, videos). Olfactory: The smell of rubber clothing. Auditory: The sounds of putting on, taking off and moving (squeaking etc.) and also the sound of zippers. Sexual: The wearing of latex clothing is perceived as sexually stimulating.